Now let's get ready for redistricting.
Make Redistricting Independent

States should adopt independent citizen commissions to draw maps or add other safeguards to prevent partisan bias in the redistricting process, and Congress should pass legislation requiring them to do so for federal maps.
Every decade, states draw new district maps for congressional and state legislative races. Politicians often use this power to give their party an unfair advantage by drawing maps in which favor their own parties — a scheme known as gerrymandering.

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Our last push to be counted in the 2020 Census!

2020 Census

Census table sharing Census information with the community. Last push to be counted.

2020 Census

In the neighborhood for a final push to be counted in the Census

2020 Census

Out in force for a final push to be counted in the Census

2020 Census
2020 Census

The Census joined us at our last push to be counted.

Making Census calls

September 30th deadline to be counted

2020 Census

One of our many postcards to remind our neighbors the importance of being counted in the Census.

2020 Census

Making those final calls to be counted!

2020 Census

Mapping out our 2020 Census work