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Our ECC family is growing

We welcome and are excited to have Jobert,  Luz, and Alex join the ECC family who are ready for Census  2020! And more.

Grant watch

We are proud to have received 2 grants from New York Civic Engagement Table (NYCET) and New York Community Trust (NYCT) to continue our work for the 2020 Census. With these funds, together with our coalition partners we will successfully Increase the  hard to count communities


Starting 4/3/2020 look out for our ECC postcard. Let us know when you receive your reminder postcard! We must be counted. More than ever vital resources are needed in hard to count communities. The Census Hard to count (HTC), maps shows the direct link to the lack of resources in those communities. When studying this fact we begin to see the lack of funding for  schools, inequality of affordable housing, food, healthcare facilities and so much more. This makes the 2020 Census one of the most important civic duties you can participate in. 


you can answer on line at 2020Census.GOV Or call 1 844 330-2020

Check out the self response map below.


With our canvassers we get the job done! 

Luz and Alex community outreach.

We want to welcome a new board member to the ECC family!


Mickheila N. Jasmin-Beamon

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Welcome Elisee Point Du Jour our new Intern